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Title: The crystal Ball
Post by: Bull on December 12, 2004, 06:30:05 PM
Little C&C needed


Think it needs come clarity on the dragon.  :scratch:
Title: Re: The crystal Ball
Post by: Ed on December 12, 2004, 07:25:37 PM
Yeah, this is very hard to get right - I tried it before, only I was attempting to make it look like an embryo inside a yolk sac, or whatever you call it.  Adding the animation makes it harder again, so you've done pretty well, IMO :)

I'm not quite sure if you are trying to do the same thing I'm thinking of, but if you are, you might want to play around with the opacity of the outer layer - making it more dense on the extreme outside, almost transparent to about half way in, and then denser again in the middle, but not as dense as the outside.  Dunno if that makes sense, or if I'm on the wrong track altogether :scratch: but yeah, I think you need a bit more definition on the dragon - it looks a bit vague and two dimensional at the moment.

Still a very good image though :)
Title: Re: The crystal Ball
Post by: Bull on December 12, 2004, 07:44:30 PM
The dragon was ment to be a still image with the vapour seeming to move around it. Not an easy image to pull off for sure...actually you have given me an idea though to expand that crystal ball effect. I think I will go with the dragon flying in from the distance through the vapour cloud in the ball.

That should keep me out of
Title: Re: The crystal Ball
Post by: Neuromancer on December 12, 2004, 08:33:32 PM
Well since you are changing it, moot point...

But I like it except for one thing..

The Dragon should be more trapped inside... I guess thats kind of embryonic LOL

I dont know if you can enlarge the dragon and then stretch/ skew it into a circle?  If PS can't do it I dont doubt PSP can, that app was amazing  ahh well

If its possible give it a try,  of yeah and make it bolder... cut down the opacity of the tranparent layer too LOL
Title: Re: The crystal Ball
Post by: Troglodyte on December 13, 2004, 04:21:59 AM
A great image :cheers:

I can't add any more useful comments than Blunt and Neuro's (I'm a total novice with PS) How easy would it be to give the dragon more colour/shading - red/green?  I like the embryonic slant too, maybe make the sphere more egg shaped?
Title: Re: The crystal Ball
Post by: Lali on December 16, 2004, 02:52:39 AM
I think the overall image is good, though I don't know how you made the moving mist  :P...

I agree with Neuro, the ball should be smaller, and since you wanted it to look like a still(the dragon)  you should skew it just a leeetle bit. To make the dragon eye-catching toggle the levels and burn it up a little.

Also, the ball itself should look round. You have the color thing down but I think you should give it the light reflection look, something like this 


That'd be easy, just a gradient or brush it on with a soft rounded brush and blur.

Good idea, though :D.