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Title: I like this one
Post by: Ed on August 05, 2007, 04:33:39 AM

There's a new short story up on the Dorchester Publishing website by professional horror author, Brian Keene. It's titled 'And Hell Followed With Him', and is set in the time between two of his novels - The Rising, and City of the Dead. I enjoyed it and could have happily read a lot more. On the strength of that I'm going to see if I can get hold of 'THE RISING: Selected Scenes From the End of the World'.

Here's the short -

If you like that you might like to read an excerpt from The Labyrinth, at -
Title: Re: I like this one
Post by: SharonBell on August 05, 2007, 08:46:05 AM
A tidbit: I met him at the Borderlands Novel BootCamp and was a very nice guy. Sociable and pleasant to newbies.  :afro:
Title: Re: I like this one
Post by: Ed on August 05, 2007, 09:22:26 AM
That's nice to know, Sharon. I think it's good when a pro author makes the effort to stop and talk to aspiring writers and fans. He seems like a pleasnt guy on his forum, too. BTW, was he at Borderlands in an instructional capacity, or was he there to pick up tips?

Another BTW - I still haven't heard anything back from them since I sent a story - not even to acknowledge receipt. Their communications skills put me off and make me wonder how they manage on the day ::) Time for a chase up e-mail, I think. But, if it's anything like the first enquiry I sent, I shan't get a reply until mid October, which leaves it later than I'd like to organise flights and stuff.
Title: Re: I like this one
Post by: SharonBell on August 05, 2007, 12:37:24 PM
I think he lives in the area and came by to catch up with his buds. He wasn't instructing, just hanging around.

They are not the most organized folks I've ever met. Elizabeth is the business person and Tom is the artist, not too aware of operational issues. I think she has a lot of balls in the air and depends on their "mystique" to carry them through.
Title: Re: I like this one
Post by: Ed on August 07, 2007, 06:35:27 PM
Hmm. I can't help but feel irked by their apparent indifference, TBH. It's a great opportunity to meet up with and be schooled by famous authors, but at the end of the day you're still paying a thousand dollars (+ travel costs) for the priviledge of two days tuition, so you assume there is going to be a bit more of a feeling of organisation around it. Their online forum is overrun by spammers and looks to be otherwise deserted, and they take three months to respond to e-mails. These two facts don't instill confidence in me :grin:

Nevermind. Hopefully it'll all come right in the end. Maybe I could ask Brian what's going on over there :smiley:
Title: Re: I like this one
Post by: Porphyry on January 01, 2008, 12:07:45 AM
Umm, well I know that this an old topic, but I do know a place that him and several other writers (Tom Piccirili, T.M Wright, Doug Clegg, Mary Sangiovanni, Thomas Monteleone; and several of the staff from Cemetery Dance Mag and Shocklines) occasionally hang out online.

This is Shocklines forum

Some others here as well:

They are nice guys, and a hoot besides.