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Title: Subbing clubs...
Post by: Ed on February 10, 2005, 07:13:47 PM, not the type where you're under water ::)

I was thinking about trying to get a few of my stories published at different places - you know, build up a collection of rejection slips, like all good authors do :grin:  And I was just wondering... um... where to start :huh:

Anybody know of any good subbing clubs?  Or perhaps we could start one here?  I think it was Sally Q that mentioned one a while back, on MSN, or something like that :scratch:

Title: Re: Subbing clubs...
Post by: kimbly on February 11, 2005, 12:08:20 AM
A club for substitute teachers...?

 :P Hey, Blunt. I didn't know such entities existed. I have to apologize for being offline so long. Relatives in from Germany for a friekin' month  :cheesy:

I'd be interested in a subbing club too. 

Title: Re: Subbing clubs...
Post by: Ed on February 11, 2005, 04:04:49 AM
Yeah, they do - I just curse my bad memory for not being able to remember the details.  It was something like; they aim to submit 500 pieces of work to various publishers and competitions in a set period of time.  I take it they submit the same piece multiple times, rather than 500 separate bits of work :scratch:

Yeah, family visits can turn your life upside down, that's for sure :afro:  My life just got a lot busier, for different reasons, so it'll be a struggle for me to sit down and do anything on a computer for the next three or four weeks as well :/

Title: Re: Subbing clubs...
Post by: JoyceCarter on February 12, 2005, 08:21:40 AM
Sally is definitely the one who can give you details (from being involved).  I've known about these things from the sidelines, for instance when there was a subbing race running on Get Writing.  As I understand it, there wasn't any set rule about WHAT they subbed, but it wouldn't be the same piece to all the outlets - it would have to be something suitable or they wouldn't have a hope of a hit.  In other words, work is tailored to the market.  Also, if certain markets aren't happy with multiple submissions, then it's no good sending them one - you'd only mess up your chances of an acceptance, and any consideration in the future.

Is that fair enough, SQ?

Title: Re: Subbing clubs...
Post by: SallyQ on February 13, 2005, 04:48:24 AM
Thanks for pointing me towards this Joyce  :afro: You've pretty much covered the basics.

Blunt, I've got a 'subbing group' at MSN here

We count most submissions, unless they're to autoposting sites (with certain listed exceptions), and don't mind if you count the same piece twice if it's being sent to a different outlet (perhaps because it's been rejected elsewhere). We never did get round to making a market list, but the subbing race is a darn good way of finding out where to sub work, as we share lots of information. There is an obligation to take part regularly though, as we're trying to reach 500 subs by March 31st and so lurkers aren't encouraged. Sorry if that sounds a bit strict (most people know that I can be bought all too easily with chocolate and Baileys Irish Cream  ;))


Title: Re: Subbing clubs...
Post by: Ed on February 13, 2005, 05:53:33 PM
Thanks for the reply, Sally :afro:  I might well apply to join in a couple week's time, if that's OK - I shouldn't join yet, because there are a few busy weeks still ahead of me, and I probably wouldn't be able to participate fully, yet. :/

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