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Title: my review of a comical SF
Post by: Geoff_N on July 16, 2011, 09:37:33 AM
Finders Keepers by Russ Colchamiro
Reviewed by Geoff Nelder
Paperback: 301 pages
Publisher: 3 Finger Prints (8 Oct 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0979480140

I bought my wife a light jar the other month.  It gathers light energy by day and  releases it as a soft glow at night. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to contain Cosmic Building Material as the jar the Eternitarians lost and Theo found. Maybe it does, but I don’t have the required harmonic key. I’ve tried whistling at it but nothing came of it except a fly past of crows. The notion of a lost and possibly errant jar of CBM appeals to me but sadly nothing came of it. It might just as well have been my wife’s light jar. Luckily, we are treated to a hilarious travelogue through European tourist hot spots and bed-hopping backpacker hostels. The antics of the designer of the Solar System and her morphed dog, Lex, arguing with each other in their quest to recover the jar before others, are gutsy yet funny.

There’s no danger of taking this novel seriously even though we get to meet the Minder of the Universe, and it’s good to know comical science fiction with its running jokes – He reached for his crotch. Money belt check. Because you never know – can craft clever philosophies. Is this some? ‘If humans had telepathy they’d wipe themselves out thinking ‘I can read your mind faster than you can read mine...’ I like it. Could generate a whole new novel.

As a reviewer I kept notes on who was who and whether they were in the Cosmic eternal plane, on Earth as human, on Earth as an Eternalist, an English-speaking whale, transient characters and both names of the transsexual, or is he-she just a transvestite? I’m glad because I’d have been confused otherwise. I’m also pleased that Colchamiro gives us the dates and time for each chapter as the action transpires six years apart, and, I presume before Earth and its Solar System was invented by Emma – thanks!

There are cosmic, lateral ideas in this novel. Maybe the travelling to-ing and fro-ing slows the pace somewhat but it has just the right level of sexual activity to keep promiscuous readers happy. I just wished the jar had opened in Theo’s rucksack and we saw the whirlpool of  creation...

He reached for his crotch. Money belt check. Because you never know.

My blog has youtube and other links to this book

Title: Re: my review of a comical SF
Post by: Pharosian on July 16, 2011, 11:15:05 AM
Sounds like a hoot!

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