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Title: psychological warfare and mindgames
Post by: Warlock on October 18, 2011, 04:57:44 PM
Something that has always pissed me off, more so lately than ever, is people who treat others like they are stupid without saying they are stupid. I mean if you ask someone a rhetorical question like do yoou think I'm stupid? and rather than saying yes they say something like "do you really want me to answer that?". They answer your rhetorical question with another rhetorical question and even though they didn't explicitly say they thought you were stupid you kind of get the idea that is exactly what they think, but if they didn't say that then you technically can't say that they said they thought you were stupid because "technically" they didn't say that. They may even go as far as denying that they even think that and just restate the fact that they refused to answer your rhetorical question for some reason. This leads me to ponder; why would they refuse to answer a rhetorical question unless they didn't want to take responsability for their answer? Most of the times, in my case anyways, people will tell me that if it is a rhetorical question then it shouldn't be asked because a rhetorical question is one that does not require an answer right? Right! so then why would someone answer a question that they know needs no answer with a question that they know needs no answer? I personally don't ask questions without listening to the answer. I only use rhetorical quetions to make a point and if someone has an answer, a legitamate none rhetorical answer if such a thing exists, then i am always happy to hear it.When people give answers like do you want me to answer that it kind of is psychological warfare in the sense that it is hurtful, but you can't say that it is hurtful because technically they didn't say anything that could be taken as such. All they did was refuse to say something that they knew you might take offense to which proves that they are avoiding taking responsability for what they want to say. i hate it when people try and make you read between the lines and screw with your head like that, although it makes for good inspiration if writing a psychological horror!