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Title: Snake Eyes by Joseph D'Lacey
Post by: Geoff_N on April 23, 2012, 03:06:52 AM
You may recall Joseph D'Lacey's incredible award-winning horror story, Meat? Well he doesn't stop...
Snake Eyes by Joseph D’Lacey
Ebook and paperback

File Size: 552 KB
Print Length: 139 pages
Publisher: Crossroad Press & Bad Moon Books; Crossroad Press & Bad Moon Books Digital Edition edition (April 12, 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
ASIN: B007TW8N60
ISBN-13: 978-0-9837799-7-1

If there is a New Wave science-horror-fiction sub-genre then Snake-Eyes would be its cutting edge. The reader is treated to a smorgasbord of hallucinatory ideas with a logical surprisingly sane spine. Joseph D’Lacey can write grisly horror as demonstrated in the acclaimed Meat novel but the tone, while horrific and nightmarish is more subtle. Robert Johnson is a family man, trying to be successful at his accountancy career, or is that his narcotics enforcer job, but then where has his family gone? Not to worry, they exist – in a fashion. Starting with giant spiders the arachnid theme travels either just behind or in front of Johnson through the tiers of his existence. Keeping with the spiders, this story is a web of ideas that will pull you along, screaming, puzzled but with an eventual resolution.

D’Lacey writes horror with a literary pen. I wish I’d thought of ‘a parting of minds’. He also is a master of sensory Show, using senses of smell and touch to excellent effect. Good to note too that his characters react to those sensory experiences.

Spoiler warning: I’ve read many generation ship stories, but none quite like this one. From Harry Harrison’s Captive Universe, Brian Aldis’ Non-Stop and many others are enjoyable takes on the theme and often you wonder how a contemporary writer can find a new angle. This story has. And for those collectors of zombie tales, this isn’t one. There are former humans that become animated known as revenants, but they learn to run after Johnson and we all know that zombies can’t run.

There’s a shorter bonus story bundled with Snake Eyes – A Trespasser in Long Lofting that explores what happens when a well-endowed demon crashlands in your neighbourhood. A tale of tremendous and lascivious fun.