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Title: Series of depression
Post by: Neuromancer on November 03, 2004, 08:27:39 AM


Black tendrils of smoke, grip the morning sky
Animals and birds alike, sense the danger nigh
Fingers of death crawling, swell like a midnight haze
They burrow down into their nests, to wait for better days

Fading soon, moving on, the night turns back to grey
Sunshine breaks, upon the horizon, starting a better day
Sunbeams lay upon the Earth, dry the morning dew
Light casts its glow on damaged land, but life begins anew

The boldest creatures strike out, to the return of day
The smoke has gone, travelled on, and about it's way
The timid creatures wait, much smarter than the strong
They know the pollution will return, before very long.

Title: Re: Series of depression
Post by: Neuromancer on November 03, 2004, 08:29:44 AM
something old and blue


End this Suffering
Tears falling from my closed eyes
I need greener pastures, bluer skies
The need for return of my devotion
Is only exceeded by my emotion
Seperation from my love, is killing my soul
Encompassing my joy, in the deep black hole
No longer there, not here, I've lost my way
I die a little more each day
How long before I am completely swallowed?
My body lives on, but my spirit is hollowed
All too soon the weakness will overtake me
Never knowing again how to be happy
Living no more, only subsistance
Eventually I will cease this exsistance
Not caring or loving forever more
My heart, once again, must close the door
Never again will I let it be opened
To the pain and anguish of a heartbroken
Lock it up tight with a bullets hail
Until, bliss, I pass through the veil

Title: Hmm need to fix the end o this one
Post by: Neuromancer on November 03, 2004, 08:33:38 AM



Futile, meanderings of a delusional mind
Fighting the power of the sorrowing kind
Encompassing all of my life and my breath
Until Finally submitting to death


Should I or not, thinks the man too himself
Extend out my heart or put it on the shelf
Nervously, timidly taking the time
It could end up horrible, or maybe sublime.


The harrowing night creeps closer again
"Prepare the walls!" The king shouts to his men
It could come anytime now, so try and stay clear
Suck it up inside and squash down the fear


Epiphany, light, and joy for awhile
I see the slow warmth spread as a smile
A feeling of power and good things to come
The future is forthcoming, now dont be so glum


Sunshine warms my heart and my soul
Happiness once again making whole
A spring in the step and gleam in the eye
Far away glances into the blue sky


Finally things are right in the world
Its time, the welcome mat is unfurled
Years of wandering like moses through the desert
The souls can live eternally unhurt.

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