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 on: June 19, 2016, 02:55:46 AM 
Started by Ed - Last post by marc_chagall
Poll's up.  smiley

 on: June 18, 2016, 08:12:56 PM 
Started by Geoff_N - Last post by LashSlash
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i'd be interested in reading this -- can you repost it?

 on: June 16, 2016, 03:01:32 PM 
Started by marc_chagall - Last post by marc_chagall
Sent off some flashes to these people this afternoon, and have just heard that one of my stories will definitely be featured, and possibly another if they have space - it's still open, so if you have some flashes hanging around not doing anything, go for it! Useful especially if you have some previously published odds and ends that you feel deserve another outing.

 on: June 13, 2016, 04:54:03 AM 
Started by Ed - Last post by marc_chagall
For those of you who haven't popped down to the flash challenge in a while, current prompts are: 'Have you ever stopped to consider' and 'yikes!'. Use either or both as inspiration, or just write something completely off the wall so that the reader's reaction is 'yikes!'

But write something.  scratch

 on: June 08, 2016, 02:24:33 AM 
Started by marc_chagall - Last post by marc_chagall
Thanks Paul  afro

 on: June 07, 2016, 10:00:53 PM 
Started by marc_chagall - Last post by desertwomble
Nice one, Cathy.

DW Cheesy

 on: June 07, 2016, 09:27:43 AM 
Started by marc_chagall - Last post by marc_chagall
Very happy to have had a flash accepted for this anthology. Full list of stories is here: Includes a few familiar names.

 on: June 02, 2016, 05:17:05 AM 
Started by Ed - Last post by fnord33
I'm glad to see everybody's doing so well. The last couple of years I've been desperately trying to find an artist that will come through on the "Birth" cover. I have a good feeling about artist 4. I have art for "Sex" and have somebody working on turning it into a cover. I put the blurb-in-progress in the workshop. if anybody has time to offer advice I'd appreciate it.

Rev: You certainly picked an interesting time to immigrate. Where are you headed?

 on: May 31, 2016, 03:34:29 PM 
Started by Ed - Last post by Geoff_N
Yep, the publisher, Rev, will appreciate dialogue with his or her potential clients, so go ahead as Delph says, and ask for clarification.

I'm still waiting to hoodwink a publisher to take Xaghra's Revenge; written an illustrated kids' series also under consideration by a publisher; writing shorts - 7 published this year; ARIA keeps reappearing on lists and yesterday appeared on a list of nominated novels for best SF indie book. Dunno how that happened but even the nominations has led to a huge upsurge in sales - 2 overnight!

No writing next week cos I'm on another cycle tour to Cheltenham and taking Liz Williams' Empire of Bones to read for my SFF Book Group, and a notebook to flesh out other short ideas.

 on: May 31, 2016, 01:38:13 PM 
Started by Ed - Last post by delboy
Don't you just hate it when you write a really long post and then get a "This page can't be displayed" message and thereafter all your words have gone...

Suffice to say, well done Rev and Delph. And as for me, writing going well - really enjoying it. But have the opposite of insane amounts of spare time. Commute getting longer. Work getting more stressful. Whatever happened to the life of leisure we were promised 40 years ago?


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