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Anybody interested in joining a behind the scenes critique group, please PM Ed smiley
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Modules add more functionality to your TP/SMF site by adding new features like a file manager, shoutbox, or menu manager. Each serves its own purpose, and expands your site to a whole new realm. You can access your module list by going to: "Admin > TinyPortal > Modules". Here you can view your module name, description, and options to activate or disable.

If you wish to add more modules, you can upload them at: Admin > TinyPortal > Modules > Uploaded Modules". As you can see, TinyPortal carries its own package manager for modules, and this wil help add greater protection to your SMF powered forum. You will also notice here the option to install a module, remove a module, and its statistics such as: version, version compatible with, author, etc etc...

Every module installed has its own options functionality, a user link will need to be added to your site theme navigation or menutabs. Admin access can always be found at "Admin > TinyPortal".

NOTE: TinyPortal is not responsible for keeping any module updated or upgraded. That is the sole responsibility of its developer.


User options & use depends on the module and its various abilities. While some modules may add new features to the site and for the admin, may not always add something extra for the user.

This is a summary. For FAQ, please browse our Module Documentation.
For modules by the TP community, please browse our Module Board.
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