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Author Topic: About Lulu & Publish America  (Read 3041 times)

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About Lulu & Publish America
« on: June 26, 2006, 03:57:48 PM »
I'm new here, and I've noticed this topic last discussed in August of 2005. I published with both Publish America and Lulu. Publish America is the LAST place anyone wants to go! They've been red flagged on several sites and even had a news piece on Fox News in Philly (where I live). They are NOT forthcoming with royalties!! i.e.: I knew how many of my friends and relatives bought my book, yet, when I received their statement, they only had ONE listed as bought. When I questioned them about it, I was told the books were bought AFTER the first statement in February. However, come August, NONE showed up!!
I was also keeping track on, and I assume they exaggerated because as of December 2005, my book was in the top 100 sellers, yet, I received a pittance of a royalty check! AND, Publish America obtains ALL rights to your books!! So, should any movies or rewrites be done, THEY get the chunk of money, and the author sees diddly squat!

As for Lulu, I love them! The author controls EVERYTHING! And, you do get a decent royalty every month and you keep track of how many books were sold.

I've been writing long before computers and internet were a household item, and the ONLY way to get published was either a trade publisher or vanity. I had enough rejection letters to paper my wall! Of course, looking back at my work then, I could understand I just wasn't ready. So, I had my first book published with Dorrance & Co. (vanity). It did very well for little exposure and my having to push it myself. It even made its way to Walden Book Stores!

Today, it's even MORE difficult to get a TOE into the trade publishers. It's quite catch 22, as most of you may know: they don't consider any unsolicited manuscripts, must be referred by a reputable agent (or an insider) and most reputable agents won't consider a manuscript without being referred by an established author (published through big name trade publishers).
So, what's a writer to do? Okay, if you're young, I can understand the patience and persistence of trying to push down the trade publishing door, but when you reach your 50's, time becomes more precious and of the essence.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL!
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