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A letter

Started by PaulH, October 17, 2007, 09:43:05 PM

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A letter from the Daily Express (UK national newspaper for anyone outside our sceptred isle!), October 17th 2007. yes, the writer's name may look familiar...


Could the Hawkmen fly over here and save us from the blight of the Bush?? :hidin:
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Good stuff, Paul - well done :afro:

Sharon - the more I find out about George Bush, the less I can believe he ever got elected. Didn't realise until last week that he didn't play college football while he was at college... or basketball... or baseball - he was a cheerleader :grin: Can't imagine him in a crop-top with his hair in bunches, somehow. Still, after watching Fahrenheit 911, it's easier to imagine that than him being 'the leader of the free world' :/
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