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Author Topic: Iluvistar (C&C welcome!)  (Read 2554 times)

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Iluvistar (C&C welcome!)
« on: November 07, 2008, 09:37:30 AM »
Some time ago I had started a sonnet-cycle (inspired by H P Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth, at least in part). The idea has since fallen by the wayside, but I may pick it up again.

Let me know what you think!


I. The Amulet

Long eons had it waited, waited there
Beneath the blackened, blasted shifting sands:
Obsidian and pearl, striated bands
Of jade and lapis and amethyst fair;
And from the reverse rough hieroglyphs stare --
Abstracted forms of beasts from distant lands,
Many-limbed things, dying on distant strands,
Less gravings than a script somehow aware.
      It waited 'til his horsehair brush unearthed
      It there beneath the moon, the silver light
      Upon its broad face, a faint, eerie glow.
      And through him a shock runs of cold delight,
      In him a world of strange desires is birthed,
      Waking he dreams of places long ago.

II. Iluvistar

Through dimly shrouded ages he sees far,
Before him now reverse the sands of time
And atom upon atom, line on line
A city rises beneath the evening star.
From somewhere sounds wailing strains of sitar
Within lofty walls strange piping flutes whine
And as a crescendo of sistra chime
Again stands ivory-spired Iluvistar.
      The great High Gate presents itself to him,
      Its constellated gems in filigree
      Of fine-wrought steel shine down and guide him on.
      And now the gate swings wide, and from within
      A voice cries forth, a strong and clear decree:
      "All hail and welcome home, O favoured son!"

III. The Reception

He entered and looked up at he who spoke,
A man he guessed, though a veil of pale green
Hid his face, and but his eyes could be seen,
All else concealed by his billowing cloak.
For his guest strange sentiments he awoke,
Cold passions, warm logics, and longings keen;
And while under his spell wild fancies teem,
He beckons the crowd with his staff of oak.
      In robes of state, blue silk shot through with gold,
      'Round him throng the city's brightest and best;
      Strange rampant beasts emblazoned clear and bold
      Do sport above them, each a family crest;
      Bandaged limbs peek out from under each fold,
      Upon each face purple mottles of pest.

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