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Author Topic: Writing Queries  (Read 9750 times)

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Re: Writing Queries
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2009, 01:38:00 PM »
OK, I can totally get behind the quest for ultimate knowledge as motivation! Sounds like it suits the "suave businessman" you've described.

While I agree that "knowledge is power," it *might* help sharpen the focus of things if Jones is after a particular bit of knowledge among all the rest, or knowledge that will help him accomplish a specific goal... and that goal is in direct conflict with the health and well-being of Jack or someone Jack cares about. The reason I say this is that there should be a reason that Jack can't just say "fuck it" and run in the opposite direction. What keeps Jack in the game? Why can't he just give up? The consequences of doing that have to be worse than moving toward his ultimate confrontation with Jones. Er, I assume there *is* a final confrontation?

Anyway, glad I could help.

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Re: Writing Queries
« Reply #16 on: September 24, 2009, 05:25:12 PM »
I wasn't having a dig at you, you nutter  :grin:

I see what you mean by sharpening the focus.  And, er, this is a standalone novel but the overall story arc would probably take three books  ::)  Well, it does take three books, because the sheer scope of what's going to happen is HUGE.  In this one though, it's all about Jack crumbling under the strain of all the fucked-up-ness that he's becoming involved in.  I definitely need a more polite way to word that  ;)
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Re: Writing Queries
« Reply #17 on: October 01, 2009, 10:02:35 AM »
Alrighty, here's my query.  If it's crap, don't be shy in saying so!

Dear [insert correct name here],

Jack Green is a private eye with a problem.  Throughout his life, those closest to him have kept turning up as corpses – horribly mutilated, chewed-up-and-spat-out kinda corpses.  Now, not only does the mounting evidence point to a race of ancient, monstrous gods been behind the deaths, but it looks like someone’s trying to bring those same gods back to claim the Earth as their own.

That someone is Macallister Jones, a suave businessman who always knows the answer before the question.  He’s been mutating children and adults into nameless horrors, in a bid to give form to the old gods.  He tries to convince Jack to work with him, instead of against him, but Jack refuses to become involved with something so bat-shit insane.

Jack calls in the cops but it’s too late: by the time they turn up Jones is dust, leaving the only other witness behind as a corpse, along with the insidious promise that he knows they’ll meet again.

As Jack strives to solve his problems with a mixture of booze, bullets and wit, he moves inexorably towards another confrontation with Jones, and his own subsequent undoing as a result of his steadily unbalancing mind.

Along the way he encounters other deranged agents of the gods, and creatures, including a doctor who’s made his wife eat the flesh of one of the gods in order to gain ultimate knowledge; a large island that is actually part of a subterranean living factory; a creature made from sentient chaos; and a village, who’s inhabitants don’t realise they’re no longer human.

THIS VILLAGE NEVER DREAMS is an urban fantasy aimed at fans of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files and similar television series such as Supernatural.  It is influenced by HP Lovecraft and Raymond Chandler, and complete at 87, 000 words.

I have used a different approach to the novel, by setting each case out as a separate story.  Although the events in the book continue on from one another chronologically, and reference each other, there are gaps spanning a number of months between them - hence the decision to present them as separate stories.

To date, I have had several short stories published online, with a number of other stories set to appear in anthologies by Library of the Living Dead and Library of Horror Press.

With regards,

Wayne Goodchild

I would typically insert a relevant author in place of/before the Jim Butcher, so the publisher knows I'm aware of the people/genres they put out...I'd also class it as 'horror noir' but I know how much publishers like these easy pigeonholes  :cheesy:

edit: removed the reference to it being a first novel, as per Kat's suggestion!

That sounds an awful lot like Reanimator by HP Lovecraft.

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