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'Blood Sports' - An Off-The-Wall Tangent

Started by xBleedToLivex, April 30, 2005, 02:03:54 AM

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Last night I watched an interesting episode of the National Geographic Channel's "Taboo" series. The episode centred on "blood sports" such as cockfighting and equestrian bullfighting, as well as a couple rather more peculiar activities such as British fox "hunting," and indigenous Bolivian savages pummelling each other into bloody pulp to ensure that their potato crop didn't fail.

The Tenth Satanic Rule of the Earth states: "Do not kill non-human animals unless attacked or for your food." My purpose in this thread is to address this Rule vis-à-vis certain "blood sports" as forms of entertainment, self-expression and perhaps even artistry.

As I've said elsewhere, my personal thought is that the Tenth Rule was not so much intended as a "Mandate from Hell" as it was an example of an apologetic to inform the Herd that Satanists don't perform animal sacrifices as a facet of our religion. And that we don't torture puppies and kittens just to hear them squeal, as is the unfortunate case with some Xian-instructed devil worshippers whom the public loves to confuse with genuine Satanists.

Personally, I've never attended either a bullfight or a cockfight -- nor have I participated in a bear-baiting nor sat over a dogpit to watch a gore-spattered duel between two of Man's Best Friends. The fact is that I have no particular urge to go out and do so. But, watching the programme last night, the thought crossed my mind that if I were travelling in Spain or Latin America and had the opportunity to watch a classic bullfight, equestrian or otherwise, I might just do it. That realization got me to thinking about my own views on at least some "blood sports."

I concluded that as far as bullfights, and perhaps even legal cockfights, are concerned, I see nothing monumentally offensive or "immoral" about them. I'm not particularly attracted to them (just as I'm not attracted to metal music or rap, both of which I personally consider more forms of noise pollution than art), but I see no need to eliminate them from the human scene just because of my own tastes and proclivities. In the case of bullfighting, I do find myself admiring at least the ideal behind the artistry and psychodramatic symbolism of the tradition -- albeit, it would be hard to admire certain spectators who seem to acknowledge neither, any more than many spectators at professional boxing matches admire anything more than the violence of the event.

Without going into a ramble on the issue, I'm curious to learn if any of you have views on this subject. Do you, for example, think that any (or all) "blood sports" are or should be embraced within the parameters of the Tenth Satanic Rule of the Earth? Why, or why not? This obviously is a tangential topic. But if anyone cares to address it, I would be most interested in hearing views other than my own on the subject.
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I think that these "blood sports" are a way too appease the agressive values in the human animal.  One might argue that removal of these aspects from our culture has led to more savagery in other aspects.  Whether we look at the rise in violent crime, proclivity for violent sports, or blood and guts in movies and video games. 

I personally do not condone savage acts, but I like "slasher" movies, and video games that you can run around and get higher points for head shots :)  I also enjoy watching American football and really get a thrill at seeing a "good hit"  especially when you can hear armour crunching. 

Dog fights, cock fights and bull fights have no interest for me. 

Making them illegal seems like the humane thing to do; However just as with any law, all sides must be considered.  I for one would rather humans be cruel to animals rather then each other.

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xBleedToLivex, I find this statement more than a little disturbing: "My purpose in this thread is to address this Rule vis-à-vis certain "blood sports" as forms of entertainment, self-expression and perhaps even artistry."

Real people who really use slicing and dicing of themselves and others (including animals) for "entertainment, self-expression and ...artistry.." have serious mental health issues and need help. In this country, people who behave in this manner either go to jail or are institutionalized to protect themselves or others.

There are healthy non-harmful methods of "entertainment, self-expression and...artistry." None of van Gogh's contemporaries believed he was sane and behaving within normal limits when he sliced off his ear. Nor does anyone believe it now.

Having just returned from a National Alliance for the Mentally Ill event, I can assure there are many people dead and missed by their families because of their unhealthy beliefs and actions based on those unhealthy beliefs.

I don't condone or accept any of the above noted behavior as healthy, within the acceptable boundaries of behavior, "artistic," or "entertaining." Nor should they be encouraged or condoned in any way, shape, or form.
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Though I respect your right to practice any religion you want to, Cody – the whole idea of Satanism leaves me cold, and I don't want it advocated here. 

This site is for 'fiction' – the fun side of darkness, where we can step out of the light, scare ourselves shitless for a few minutes (hopefully) and then step back into the light and carry on with our lives, like normal people.

From reading portions of your website, etc., you're very obviously on a destructive track of self harm - your website attempts to glorify the act of cutting yourself, and you promote satanic worship.  That's not what this place is about, nor do I even want it to hint at encouraging impressionable people to mutilate themselves or think narcissism is remotely healthy.  If you're in love with death, it will find you soon enough – most likely too soon, and well before you've had a chance to acquaint yourself with the subtle pleasures of living longer, into adulthood.

No offence intended, but I don't think this website or forum is what you're looking for, Cody.  Our agendas are diametrically opposed, and none of us are in love with death or devil worship – we're just playing with stories and artwork here.
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