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Author Topic: hope was here  (Read 2383 times)

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hope was here
« on: May 04, 2011, 02:02:04 AM »
this got 100% --- my daughter's book report [grade 10]

Hope was here
author: Joan Bauer
genre: Teen/coming of age

My English teacher recommended the book to me and the title caught my attention.  I see ‘hope’ as a very important word in our lives; we all should have it.

Hope is a girl who lived her life surrounded by diners and restaurants. After her mother abandoned her she lived with her Aunt who was a cook. It was then that she changed her name from Tulip to Hope. They moved to a new town for a job and the story is centered around the people in the town and how the peoples’ interaction effect her life.

The story is written in first person present tense. and opens with Hope being offered a surprise job as a waitress. This was a challenge for Hope and a bit scary as she was only 14 years old at the time. Having worked as a waitress I wanted to see how Hope managed to cope.

The writer has Hope go through her scrapbooks and old newspaper clippings to give us some background into Hope’s history.

Hope is a girl with a lot of common sense. She tries her best to make the most of impossible situations. When she is ripped out of her environment [something that happens quite often] she understands she has to make a clean cut and carry on with her life. She has independent thoughts that are mature for her age. In fact she has down to earth opinions on just about everything.

Hope’s Aunt Addie is an important character. Addie is a single woman who is a talented chef. She is very territorial in the kitchen and even though she is a kind person she doesn't connect with other people very easily. Somehow she forms a connection with GT, the owner of the diner. GT is an honest, lovable man who helps others. Unfortunately he suffers from cancer. Nevertheless he decides to run for mayor because he wants to fight corruption in the town. Throughout the book we see how the characters change from being distant, to being able to have personal relationships that include commitment to other people.

The part that touched me most was when GT died. I know about death and losing the ones close to you, so I could relate to it. I know it’s hard and you have to get over it and carry on managing life. The way that Hope and Addie contended with Gt’s life, that ended in death, was most inspirational.

Hope was here  shows us that if you have the power to change -- use it and do not be afraid. I learnt that you have to work hard and sometimes face disappointment when you are trying to change as sometimes things don't work out according to plan. [As when GT died.]
“Everything in my life had prepared me for it. I new firsthand about life being hard. And I knew about being strong.” [page 182]


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