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Author Topic: "Your Distracting Me" - How do we write in this busy world?  (Read 10455 times)
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A few years ago, when I lived on my own and didn't have a TV, I made a point of writing between 7 and 10pm pretty much every night.  Sometimes I would just sit and think about writing, but I still reckon that counts  Wink  Now I've developed a discipline where, if I can't spend a good few hours in one go writing, I'll grab whatever chance I can, like 30 mins before work, or even at work if no one's around to tell me off haha.  I've got a nice little study at the moment with a cosy little corner I can write in - I share the room with my housemate and she's hoping my discipline rubs off on her  smiley I suppose I'm quite lucky in that the only distractions I have involve other people and have to be scheduled (like band practices and business meetings). I would probably go nuts if I had little ones running around when I was trying to write  rolleyes

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Wrote 450 words today even with tons of distractions--I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it has opened up the story where I was having problems with it before...might actually have something for this coming crit section!!!

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