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Author Topic: Lucidity  (Read 1734 times)
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« on: August 08, 2011, 05:53:42 PM »

Silent and still amid the moonlight I observe:

Hues that is pure as gold with a depth that could never reach the bottom of any ocean. Rain pours down and the thunder rolls fiercely. I am in awe of such beauty; before me and around me. All is silent, except for droplets; the most enchanting music to ever overcome my senses. Roar! Bam! The thunder rolls. I love the rain! Yet, it is the splendor before me I am infatuated with now. Trying to gauge the mystery, I am baffled. I am so content in this moment. I have always enjoyed a good mystery; the rain. Bam! Boom! The thunder rolls. I do not know how I came to be here. Surrounding by such grace, full of elegance even you do not realize. I wish that I had a mirror that would show your reflection, a reflection that you could appreciate. Bam! Roar! I love the rain! “I’m silent next to you, in Silent Lucidity!” And with that you drift away from me.

Wait! “Please Don’t Leave Me.” Never have I ever felt so whole; safe. Fathom not this world that entangles my bane existence I long to keep you by my side. You know how to ”Save a Life”; can you not save mine as well? I never want this moment to end. It almost feels like my entire livelihood rests on it. Bam! Roar! The thunder rolls. Further into the darkness you retract. My heart pounds with anxiety. I can hear you whisper something to me. I cannot hear what you are saying. I suppose those words will remain as much of a mystery to m as you. I love the rain! Roar! Boom! The thunder rolls. Bam! Boom! Roar! Alas, you are gone… Awake now drenched in sweat, my chest heaves as I am out of breath. From the night stand next to me I grab my journal so I may record the only thing I have left of your presence as I always do. Whew! Wiping the dew from my brow,  I lay the journal down and contemplate: “Is this real, or just an illusion”…
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