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Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Started by terrign, December 20, 2011, 07:13:30 AM

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Many blessings and good wishes for all.

Leo Buscaglia
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Thank you, and to you too!

Enjoy the solstice and accompanying festivities, folks, however you celebrate  :afro:


Hear hear!  I hope happiness and love abounds for you all.   :smitten:


Yuletide and solstice felicitations to all!

May you find holly in your Christmas pud.


I think, Sebastian, there for I am.
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About to finish work for the duration so now feel like I can join in the festivities!  :ssmiley Have a great festive season one and all!

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QuoteAbout to finish work for the duration so now feel like I can join in the festivities!

Me too - hope everyone is able to enjoy themselves. Merry Christmas.


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Merry Christmas!   :santa_cool:

So, has everyone seen all the cool stuff in Google? If you're on a search page and search on "let it snow", snow starts falling from the top and eventually your screen goes mostly white. Use your mouse to draw stuff in the fog, just as you would if you dragged your finger across a foggy window.

If you click the "Follow Santa" link on the Google home page, you're directed to the NORAD Tracks Santa page showing where Santa's been and where he's going next. From there, clicking the "Countdown Village" link in the banner displays a page with loads of games (accessible by clicking the various shops in Santa's Village), some of which are more suited to children, but some of which are fun for adults, too.

Also, if you type "Hannukah" into the search bar, a special effect is displayed.


Hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday season.  :smiley:
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