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Author Topic: Awakening Of Nightmares (My first novel)  (Read 855 times)

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« on: March 01, 2012, 11:04:17 AM »

Hi guys,

This is the link to the website of my horror novel : Awakening Of Nightmares

Its available in paperback, hardcover and Kindle formats.


In 2012 Sebastian Harwood discovers an ancient mask in an Egyptian tomb, driven by an unknown force he discovers that the mask has the ability to make nightmares become real and manifest in the waking world.
The mask brings the deepest fears of people into our reality.
Asmodeus 'the lord of nightmares' created this mask and five others in ancient times from the flesh of his most devout disciples.  Each mask is drawn to Sebastian and five other people from different walks of life. Cursed, these 'mask bearers' inadvertently bring their deepest and darkest fears into our reality. Should they all be killed then Asmodeus' will return to our world making it a place where nightmares rule and destroy humanity for good, plunging the world into darkness forever.
Sebastian must find these 'mask bearers' whilst being guided by a benevolent higher being known as 'the Harbinger' and recover these masks in order to save humanity from utter destruction.
The lord of nightmares has great plans set in motion for Sebastian however and sends an ancient evil from Egyptian times into the modern day to find and kill him along with the others.
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