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Domain names/hosting/transfer/whathaveyou

Started by Rev. Austin, April 16, 2012, 07:09:21 PM

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Rev. Austin

Hello! I'm looking at getting an actual proper .com domain name for my own site, but I'm a little in the dark as to how they actually 'work' - these might be obvious questions with obvious answers, but it's one topic I'm not completely sure of.

I understand you can set it so takes you to an existing site eg - but is this easy to set up, and would the domain name 'mask' any other pages linked to the previous site? [I mean made within the same sitebuilder like].

I would consider making a site from scratch (have experience with doing this), and in this case, is it easier to go with a domain name hosting/registration site that also offers a sitebuilding function? I assume that if I did this, the domain name would automatically be linked to that site....?

The thing that confuses me the most is registration and hosting - aren't they the same thing, or is registration just 'buying' the name? If this is the case, if I register a domain name do I then have to find a way to host it? This is really obvious stuff isn't it  :cheesy:
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 I use Fasthosts to do all the things you asked about, Rev. At the time that I registered my site they were a local company and it seemed a good idea to support them. They're very good - but there are a thousand company that provide the same services. So I registered domain names through them, rent web space through them, and could use their web-builder functionality if I wanted. For the latter, I simply do it all myself and upload the files through FTP, which is dead easy.

So to answer the questions: yes, you can set up your domain to redirect users to any site, and you can set this up so that it masks the original domain. So if you had current pages at and you bought, you could simply redirect the former to the latter and no-one would be any the wiser.

You buy/rent web space, load your pages on to it, and then link those pages to your domain name, just as you've outlined. I've never used the site building options offered by Fasthosts but I'm sure it's easy. But your web space supplier will provide the details of how you upload your pages and it's very easy to create your own or download free templates from the web. As said above, I rent space from the same people I used to register the domain name, but this isn't a must.

Registration is indeed the buying/renting of a domain name. You normally renew every two years so it's never really 'yours'. You can do this through a thousand companies - it's big business; and once you have a name you find someon to rent you webspace, and away you go. You can pay for extra options on the webspce if you want - database functionality, options to build active code pages, etc etc, but I just go for basic webspace. Simple really.... It does make it easier to use the same company for all this stuff, but it's not a must.

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I use TotalChoice Hosting, Rev. Domain name registration is waaaaaaay cheaper than Godaddy, and so is the hosting. If you get stuck on anything let me know and I'll help if I can.

The only thing you have to be careful of is some of the free hosts insist you keep a proper web page on their servers, so if you're just using it as a redirect they might get snippy and cut you off. Check your ToS to be on the safe side.
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Rev. Austin

Thanks for the info, chaps. I'll look into the providers you've both mentioned  :smiley:
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