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Nina Conti - Ventiloquist

Started by delboy, June 13, 2012, 09:17:27 AM

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I remember seeing Nina Conti many years ago win a comedy talent show. I guess it was the start of a very illustrious career (if such things exist in the world of ventriloquism). Just this weekend I watched her self-made documentary on BBC 4 and it was brilliant - very funny and very moving. Couldn't help but feel there were so many parallels between the way she is able to say things through her puppets that she can't say in life and the way we use our fictional characters for the same purpose. I'm sure it's still on the BBC replay service for a few more days if you're in the UK. If you'r enot in the UK check her out on the clip below - you won't get the moving/emotional side of her story, but hell it's funny!

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