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Author Topic: Insatiable -- Quarterly Mag  (Read 2501 times)

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Insatiable -- Quarterly Mag
« on: July 02, 2012, 01:41:48 AM »
White Cat Announces New Magazine

Insatiable- the Magazine of Paranormal Desires

Debuting 21 October 2012

in both print and online formats


Submission Guidelines:

Where to send submissions:

Content:  We are accepting all manner of supernatural, paranormal, weirdness, oddities, and whatnot so long as there is a romantic plot element. Time period is not a sticking point.  Modern, period, complete fantasy/alternate reality all will be looked at.  We want imaginative, well-written stories that are crafted with care. Not to knock it because there is a place for every good word out there, but porn without plot will not be accepted. Sex is good and natural and fun but it must move the plot forward.  We at Insatiable are more interested with emotional content and that “oomph” that good writing evokes in the reader.

Also, we are not afraid of humor.  Just because there’s love involved doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

Response time:  Since we are a quarterly magazine and want to give everyone the opportunity to be accepted, we respond near the end of every quarter.  If  it takes too long for you or you’ve sold you story, please send us an email with the word WITHDRAW in capital letters in the “Subject” line followed by the name of your story.  Also, as you’ll see below, we not only accept simultaneous submissions, we encourage them to give writers the maximum chance for selling their work.

Statement of Authorship:  To help us fight against publishing a story that is not owned by the submitter, we must inform you that by submitting your story to us for publication you are affirming that you are the sole author of the story, that you hold the copyright to said work, and if you are offering us a reprint that it is allowed by whatever previous obligations you have entered into with said story.

Further, we ask that you provide us your legal name and address, and know that by sending same you are confirming that they both are accurate.  This does not, of course, prohibit you from sending us a story written under a pen name.

Also, please make sure to include your author’s website or blog (if you have either) in your email.

Rates: 3 cents per word.  For reprints, we pay 1 cent per word.

Length:  5,000 words max.  Please query for longer.

Format: Submissions should be in 12 point New Times Roman or Courier font, double spaced .rtf or Word.  In the subject line, please show the title of the story.  The attached story document should show your last name, underscore and title.   For example, Smith_wickedredroses.rtf

Edits:  If we feel edits are required, we will contact you and give you the choice of making them or removing your story from the selection process.

Rights: First North American print, audio and ebook rights are what we ask for so that we might present your work in all formats on this magazine.  Like other quality publications, excessive violence is unacceptable.  Your story will automatically be up for our “Best of” anthology, so we may also ask for anthology rights at 1 cent per word.

Please send queries and other questions to:
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Re: Insatiable -- Quarterly Mag
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2012, 02:16:47 AM »
Cheers, Ed.

DW :cheesy:

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