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We like your story

Started by Grillmeat, December 12, 2010, 05:39:34 PM

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Robert Essig

I have anywhere from 15 to 20 stories out at any given time.  I write a lot.  In 2011 I'm going to reduce my token market submissions.  This year I've had around 18 acceptances and 75 rejections, two re-write requests and a plethora of shortlistings of which very few made the cut (Necrotic Tissue finally bought one of my stories after I made their short list four submission periods in a row).

Rejection letters never stop stinging.  I have been getting a lot of the "we like your story, but..." rejections.  They used to bother me, and perhaps they could be just a tad more specific, but it's better than a form rejection (and maybe some of those are sneaky form rejections  :scratch:).  I hate form rejections that put the name of the story in to make it appear personal.  That's irritating.  :bangh:
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Rev. Austin

Crumbs, Robert!  15-20 stories at a time!  You're INHUMAN hahaha
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Wow! 15-20 at at time. That is awesome. I am officially not complaining anymore......
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Robert  :hidin: that's scary. But I'm imagining some are those returned and sent right back out. Even so, I'm totally impressed.

Robert Essig

Quote from: Kerr on December 19, 2010, 02:47:16 PM
I'm imagining some are those returned and sent right back out.

Yep.  I've written over 100 short stories, though many of them are awful or just don't seem to fit anywhere.  When I have writer's block I completely rewrite the terrible ones.  Over 30 have been published with another dozen or so scheduled for 2011.  I don't give up on a story even after a few rejections unless I run out of suitable markets.

I've considered joining the crit group here to get some input on a few stories I adore but can't seem to place anywhere.  Too much on my plate now, but maybe in a few months I'll give it a shot.
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Look for my debut novel THROUGH THE IN BETWEEN, HELL AWAITS in 2012 from Grand Mal Press.


Robert,  First of all, impressive with the amount of stories--I'm a bit jealous with that--Second, I myself feel it difficult to abandon a story even after its been rejected. (although, I have no where near the amount of story or effort put out there as you).  Once rejected, I can't find it in my heart to let them die quietly.  When I get time I do some re-work on them (all four of them at the moment) and hope some new life can be breathed into them.  I actually plan to put one of them up on the Crit board in January (a story that I like but can't seem to get it placed).  The down side is that it is taking some time away from a story I'm planning out--oddly enough, one I had hoped to send to Through the Eyes of the Undead...go figure.
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Be aware not everybody who calls themself an editor gives good advice -- we had a few small press editors at Borderlands who had been giving out terrible advice to writers whose work they had rejected.
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I get this all the time.

Like others in this thread, all I can say is keep plugging 'er, and don't give up. One of them is bound to make it through. I've also heard from some of the editors I know, along with some articles I've read, that it's a good sign when editors say things like this. It means that your work is good enough, they just had to pass it up for one reason or another.
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It's been slow going on my end as well. When I did finally sell another story... I find out the publication ( went bust. I got a "wish you the best of luck" for my work and not 1 penny. All I can say is... don't give up!  :bangh: