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@#%^&* ATM FEES!!!!!

Started by speyeder, October 26, 2004, 09:49:23 PM

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Viv and I went to a mall today for lunch because we knew it would give us a litte variety. The two places I wanted to eat accepted cash only, no debit or credit cards, so I have to find an atm to make a withdrawal. The atm alone charges a $2.95 fee, and I think my bank is going to tack a couple of dollars onto that as well. So basically I spent $5 in fees to get money I have already earned. I paid almost ten percent on it and it isn't a loan!!! I am not going to get caught by that snare again. I will make sure I hit my little only-has-two-atm's-that-I-know-of credit union for a couple 20's when I head out for a shopping trip from now on.   >:( :bangh:


ATM charges here are generally about 50p per transaction, I think, but I've heard of some charging £1.00, but it depends on whose machine it is.

It really is criminal how banks operate tho - they stiff you every way you turn.  They charge you to put money into your account (if you're a business), the cheque that you paid in won't clear for ten days, but the money disappears from the other person's account within two ::)  A few months back, I paid in £3,000, in cash, still in bank sealed wads - and the bastards charged me £20 just to count it!!!  WTF's that about? ??? 

Don't even get me started on the mortgage rate vs. the savings interest rate...grrr! >:(
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My worst experience of an ATM was a couple of years back. We were flying out of Edinburgh to Spain late one Friday afternoon, so I decided to get a few last minute things at a local shopping centre. I was planning to only take the one credit card on holiday (I only had the one) and some loose currency. The fucking machine ate my card five hours before we were due to fly >:(

After some furious talks with bank staff, and much travelling between several branches (they couldn't decide who had authority over that particular stand-alone ATM), I was told there was nothing they could do until the Monday :bangh:  Good old American Express came through in the end though, they managed to get all the details faxed from London to enable them to issue me a new card :cheers:

Needless to say they thing almost metled from over-use on holiday :o

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The other day I went to pick up a pair of pants from the cleaners, and the lady wasn't paying attention and put the claim ticket number into the card machine after she swiped my DEBIT/ CHECK card INSTEAD OF the price of the cleaning. The bank authorizes overdrafts up to $700 for me (so they can charge me $26 for the "FAVOR") and I had a most put the pen to paper whan I realized that I was about to pay $667.70 to have one pair of pants cleaned!! I got on the phone and told the lady from the bank to cancel the authorization and put the cleaning lady on the phone so they oculd straighten it out. SHe told me she couldn't cancel it without merchant info and stuff. The banks have gotten way out of hand, because they used to NEVER let you go over what your balance was. NOW they say they are doing you a good service by not declining your purchases that exceed your balance, and charging you $26 for each occurrance. Some banks do not even give you the option to remove this overdraft option from your account.  >:( :scratch: :bangh: