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Author Topic: Zombie Apocalypse! The Fight Back  (Read 1404 times)

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« on: October 12, 2012, 04:32:45 PM »

Zombie Acopalypse! Fightback created by Stephen Jones
Paperback: 528 pages and Kindle 512 pages
Publisher: Robinson (4 Oct 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-1780334653

Digested by the unholy revenant Geoff Nelder

Bah, I hate this book. WTF do these greenies know. Hiding behind bullets and on islands. Think water will stop us? Just a sec while I cough up – what? That’s a bit of rib in the bloody mucous. No matter, got spare. This mishmash patchwork accounts from the yet-to-be-dead / undead tell only half the frigging story. S’only their opinion, right? Like the neat handwriting and the drawings of Rod-odd Ostler. I could do that, before. So what if Lisa tittle-tattle Tuttle with her oh-so-neat cool handwriting on her little Scottish island (like the survivors fighting off the other-virus infected in ARIA: Left Luggage) teams up with Neil Gammon-tasty Gaiman, and Pat hides-in-her-jumper? (the undead are allowed dire jokes); Pete crowds in there too, the Crowther but even Guy soldier-what-a-laff Adams, and Jo beats-em-with-her-stick and new books Fletcher won’t stop us.

That Stephen Jones – he’s one of us, he just doesn’t know it. Or maybe he does. That ack page at the back has page numbers. Well, I don’t do numbers any more – we don’t need ‘em, but for those that do, they’ll not find page numbers in the book. Unless they’re in invisible ink – the bas   d.

A musty read for all wraiths and the undead. I and my fellow revenants recommend Zombie Acopalypse! Fight Back to all zombies. We have to arm ourselves with the enemy’s thoughts. Need to go. I’ll use this book. A grisly manual for what to do, not to do, when the goodies think they’re winning. Yeah. Going for world dom. After food, food, food, fool.

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